We Love Washington DC Innovators!
We Love Washington DC Innovators!

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Washington DC Innovators
Will Crush COVID-19
Now more than ever, let's work together!
Washington DC Innovators
Will Crush COVID-19
Now more than ever, let's work together!
Washington DC Innovation Week Washington DC Innovation Week

Are you an innovator in Washington DC or someone needing innovation? You'll be excited to know that starting Wednesday September 16th, 2020, the businesses, government and residents of Washington DC, will have a unique opportunity to focus on the subject of local innovation.

Washington DC local innovators will share online and in-person. Content will include interviews, demonstrations, and shows on products and services that can be used to improve the quality of life for everyone in Washington DC and the surrounding areas.

The final event will be the "People's Choice Innovator Awards", where Washington DC innovators chosen by innovation week attendees are recognized for their accomplishments. The Oviture Washington DC Innovation Week 2020 concludes on Tuesday September 22nd, 2020.

The FUTURE is GREAT for those who INNOVATE! ™

Sure, COVID-19 is making life a bit challenging, but we'll get through it faster if we work together!

The FUTURE is GREAT for those who INNOVATE! ™

Sure, COVID-19 is making life a bit challenging, but we'll get through it faster if we work together!

Share Your Innovative Ideas now and during Innovation Week! Free!

Have a webcam and something innovative to talk about? Great! Your event (webinar, presentation, show, etc.) can:

  • attract new clients
  • source new products and services
  • get your startup funded
  • help you find a job
  • recruit innovative employees

For the amazing price of FREE, you can safely share with your colleagues and friends from your home office. You've been practicing that lately, right? ;-)

We'll help you build an audience. Optionally, we can help you find a venue for an in-person event, find sponsors, or help with production. If your event is really awesome, we may promote it on other U.S. Innovation Week websites!

IMPORTANT: We generally don't allow competing events to occur in the same city. Submit your proposal today to secure your spot and receive our "first-to-apply" protection.

Not sure about every detail?
Don't can easily change things later.

I agree to the Terms & Conditions   

Oviture Innovation Week Event Terms and Conditions

By attempting to, or successfully proposing an Innovation Week event, you agree to the following:

  • You must be reasonably qualified. We reserve the right to verify presenter qualifications and to remove presentations that do not meet our requirements.
  • We may contact you using the information that you provided to discuss your presentation.
  • We review all presentations for uniqueness and suitability for Innovation Week.
  • We may use online images of you / your company to promote your event.
  • We may request presenters to discuss their presentation with us in advance of Innovation Week. Failure to respond to us may result in your presentation being removed from our system.
  • Approval to present may be withdrawn or denied for any reason, including but not limited to quality of presenter, selected topic, violations of our community standards, and legal issues.
  • We may suspend or terminate your access to this platform, at any time if you violate our terms and conditions.
  • We have the right, but not the responsibility to let you know if we have terminated your access, excepted where we are required to do so by law.
  • We have no liability for any and all damages resulting directly or indirectly from participation or attempt to participate in the Innovation Week.
  • You and your assigns agree to indemnify and our hold us harmless for any actions arising directly or indirectly from your involvement with the Innovation Week.
  • You agree to allow us to record your online event or you will do so on your own as a part of this agreement. You will own the recording but you will provide us with a copy of the recording free of charge along with the ability to download it. We may use and/or modify the recording of your event for any lawful business purpose without any compensation to you.
  • You agree to not use an third-party copyrighted materials in you presention (logos, images, video, audio, etc.) without first obtaining the permission of the third-party to use those materials and verifying that you can legally record that material as part of your event and the we may use the resulting record without obligation to that third party.
  • You will notify us in advance if you intent to include third party content or endorse third-parties. You must also let us know in advance if you have received paid compensation for the production of you event in the form of income, advertising, sponsorship, etc.
  • You grant us a perpetual and royalty-free permission to use or modify the recording of your event for any legal business purpose.
  • If any part of this agreement is determined to be unenforceable, the remainder will be in full force and effect.

If you have other questions, please contact us here.

Why Innovation Weeks™ and Why Now?

In 2010, Bill Gates asked a University of Chicago audience to consider "Whether the brightest minds are working on the most important problems?" He thought the question to be an important one and said, "if we could make it more true, it would make a huge difference."

On this point, we agree with Mr. Gates. We then wondered... "How might we increase the time and energy bright minds give to important problems?" After much research, Oviture™ determined that four main inventions were needed:

  1. A database of the brightest minds (Innovators)
  2. A database of the most important problems (Challenges)
  3. A way to introduce Innovators to Challenges (Events)
  4. A way to connect and reward Innovators (Ecosystem)

© University of Chicago. Display of this video is for educational purposes only. It does not imply any relationship between the University of Chicago or Bill Gates with Oviture or its assigns, or endorsement of the Innovation Week platform or other information presented here by any other party.


"The value of an idea lies in the using of it."

Thomas Edison

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